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Welcome to Rozone. We specialise in high-performing, innovative cleaning solutions, replacing potentially hazardous products with water-based or safer solvent-based solutions. Our aim is to help companies reduce the use of harsh chemicals in their cleaning processes, safeguarding the health and safety of staff and customers whilst lowering impact on the environment.

Rozone is proud to work with a wide range of customers including Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Bike Shops, Plant Hire, Government and Municipal, Damage Restoration, Commercial Kitchen and many more. Our significant export business ensures that our UK-developed and manufactured technologies reach a global audience.

Our passion for SCIENCE LED CLEANING has driven Rozone`s very own range of made in the UK, environmentally friendly, parts cleaning systems. The ROwasher uses a clever technology called bioremediation to dramatically reduce waste fluid generation, cutting the expense of hazardous waste removal and bringing health, safety and financial benefits to the user.

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